forgot password again, posting again, stuff ‘n crap.

22 07 2009

STAR, well, I may or may not make it, the space time and reality contest on it was going to be 6:00, and I only have 1:20 of footage. I can try, and just hope I make it in time. other stuff has been going on, and it’s sad to see summer close out so quickly 😦 It’s going to be a music video too 😀

I’ve been playing Half Life 2 lately, and I must say, EPICLY AWESOME GAME. literally, this is a great game. the guns are sweet, everything looks good, the gameplay is extrememly fun, I love it.

ASSAULTCUBE: I’m known as NOS. some of you love me, some of you hate me. I’ve grown super good at shooting now. I love fragging, as in throwing grenades. 😀 .

so, not much has happened lately, I’m not forgetting this blog.





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